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Welcome Message

It is my great pleasure to host the 1st International Symposium of Blue Light Society which will be held in Tokyo from June 6th (Thu) to 8th (Sat), 2013. Now we are living in a new light environment era encompassing LED lighting inside and outside of the home and office, self-illuminated tablets and time-shift working hours. Science is discovering how LED lighting affects the human body at the molecular level as well as epidemiological level. As an ophthalmologist, I now consider the eye a clock, not just as a camera. Light enters the brain to control the circadian rhythm, metabolism and sleep cycle, leading to disruption of these cycles and possibly leading to cancer. We will invite specialists in this field to present and discuss these topics. I am very thrilled to have the first international meeting in Japan where LED was first invented and where much of the technology has been developed. We are looking forward to welcoming all the scientists, researchers, physicians and health care providers who are interested in this new topic.

Kazuo Tsubota
(Dept. of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine)

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